Our Country Kids

Our Country Kids
Our Three Blessings

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Silas...the serious side!!

He said the photograher told him not to smile....I guess 2nd grade equals missing and crooked teeth? Of course we would not care, who knows why they do that????

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our 21st Anniversary!

Yes, we have now been married 21 years!! Quite a feat in this day and time. We have been through many things together, good and bad. We were married for 1 year when we threw out the birth control and said whatever happens, happens! Nothing happend. We never went down the path of Fertility treatments, I'm not real sure why, but we never felt the desire. The desire to become parents, however, did lay dormant in both of us for a while. We accepted Christ together in our home (with the help of some wonderful Godly men from a local church) on June 13th 1995. From that point we sought God's direction for our lives. Scott went on an international mission trip in 1998, we both went in 2000, then he went again in 2001. It was that month when he came home that God laid adoption on our hearts. Just 9 months later, we welcomed Silas James through a private adoption, on none other than June 13th, exactly 7 years to the day of our new salvation. WOW, isn't God's timing perfect? In early 2006 we once again started down the road to adoption. You guessed it, 9 months later came Stephen Josiah! We are so grateful that their birth mothers chose life for them and chose us to be their parents. Bekah & Nikole, you gave us the children of our hearts!
And so we travel this road of parenthood, at the ages of 41 & 46, with a bright 7 year old and a precocious almost 3 year old. We just have to sit back and smile and thank God for the life He has given us in Him! Praise the Lord!

Just for fun: I LOVE the Duggar family in Arkansas. They are expecting thier 19th child! I am glad the Lord has blessed them and often think "What would I do if I had 19 children?"---go insane! But just for fun, I tried to find 19 "S" names (since theirs are all "J") that I would use for that many kids (not that Scott would agree):
I'll start with the obvious: Silas, Stephen, Sophia, Samaria, Seth, Samuel, Samantha, Sarah, Selah, Shiloh, Summer, Savannah, Selena, Shayla, Sydney, Selwyn, Sierra, Skyler, Sullivan!

Monday, September 14, 2009

When boredom sets in...this is what happens!

We've settled into our new routine of school days, homework and bedtime again. It's familiar, yet hard to transition from the carefree days of summer (well, for the men of the family anyway, I was working all summer!). Silas is trying to adjust to the demands of second grade, which involves a LOT of reading which he does NOT like to do. I got a very sweet email from his teacher today (God Bless her) and she has vowed to work with him this year and do everything she can to get him where he needs to be! Praying for a successful year!!